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UX for the city

This post is all about user experience (UX). In particular, I explore how UX can be applied more systematically to urban planning, particularly how urban planning and HCI can benefit … Continue reading

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This post explores the value of minimalism to improve every aspect our (over) busy urban lives. It was published in the Young Academics AESOP blog at the following link:

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Some useful links

Web-based PPGIS Here is an infographic-style overview I made of 8 popular commercial web-based PPGIS used in urban planning and community mapping. Together, the tools cover applications in the following … Continue reading

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Reflections on (career) opportunities

This post builds on my notes and interpretation of Alex Hope’s keynote at the (very local) Faculty of Engineering and Environment Postgraduate Conference at Northumbria Unversity on 15 June 2017. The … Continue reading

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My Learning (and Teaching) Philosophy – aka the Zen of learning from experience

This post is based on the first homework I have had to do in a very long time: prepare for an introductory class on Teaching at Northumbria University. In a … Continue reading

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Online participatory mapping for spatial planning

Latest blog post published on the Young Academics’ blog of the AESOP network. Follow the link below, and enjoy reading (hopefully!) As a supplement to the blog post, here … Continue reading

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Smarter past, smarter future: lessons for smart cities

This blog post was initially published on the Young Academics blog of the AESOP network.  The smart city is much discussed as a sustainable urban development model. However, as discussed … Continue reading

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The smart, resilient city: cliché or oxymoron?

The following post was submitted to the Young Academics blog of the AESOP network. You can find the original here.  And here is it is also: The smart city concept … Continue reading

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Geospatial acts: the special place of participatory mapping within cities

This blog post is a reflection on the complex relationships between the material and the virtual, public participation and exclusion, space and place, tools and users, hardware and interface, and … Continue reading

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Online mapping resources

Thanks to current htlml5 functionalities, there are loads of easy-to-use mapping applications around. Here is a short list that will grow with time, according to my experimentations. Note: this may … Continue reading

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