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Crowdsourcing the virtual city

This blog post is alive, it will get updated with new links to exciting initiatives for crowdsourcing 3D cities. The writing style is free.

Open Street Map goes 3D

The GIScience Group at the University of Heidelberg is hosting OpenStreetMap-3D  as part of the project Geospatial data infrastructure for 3D-Geodata, acronym is GDI3D. The idea, quite simply is take OSM to a 3D experience, or conversely build a 3D world based on OSM data. The website states all of Germany is currently covered.

The platform website looks unattractive to the lay neophyte user, but OpenStreetMap afficionados and experts will likely find themselves at home. osm-3d.

Additional projects at GDI3D include Heidelberg-3D.


Has the city you live in ever felt like it was a Betacity, a city under progress, or continuous download, but never quite finished? Betaville allows you to do some thing about it. It provides links to tutorials for making proposals using SketchUp, and more expert design practitioners or amateurs can also contribute models to the platform. Although the website does not seem to be updated frequently, the concept of crowdsourcing  the virtual city to is just amazing, and allows to spontaneously communicate with local authorities and developers in a whole new way.


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