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Urban Planning Blogs & Websites


There is a flurry of blogs and websites that discuss all aspects of urban planning. Here is a selective list (do share your own favourite planning sites too)

Planetizen.  A US perspective to all aspects of sustainable spatial planning, featuring a lot of material/case studies on sustainable transport and reducing sprawl. A very well known and regarded source of information and experience-sharing.  Many resources for urban planning/urban design students as well. Their list of the Top Ten Urban Planning Websites.

The LSE Cities international research and educational centre is at the forefront of research on urban development and urban changes, based at the London School of Economics. 

Keep posted for LSE Cities’ Urban Age, an online repository of research and experience about all aspects of planning around the world, currently in a Beta version.

CASA is the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the Bartlett School of Planning and Architecture, University College London.

Situated Ecologies looks at urban ecology from a social/ political ecological perspective:  ” [It] is a platform for research projects and activities that relate to situated and contested ecologies, in particular when viewed through the processes of urbanisation”. The platform is led by Henrik Ernstson from KTH (Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment). Here is the list of researchers involved in the different projects.

LinkedIn discussion groups

Relevant discussion groups on LinkedIn include:

  • Green Cities
  • 3D City Models
  • Urban Planning Group
  • Community Engagement
  • Smart Urbanism
  • City and Town Planning

International Sustainable City Networks

The  UK Healthy Cities Network …

is part of a global movement for urban health that is led and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). Its vision is to develop a creative, supportive and motivating network for UK cities and towns that are tackling health inequalities and striving to put health improvement and health equity at the core of all local policies.

Among other cities, Newcastle is active through the Wellbeing for Life initiative that brings together diverse partners for a healthy Newcastle.

Age-Friendly Cities is another WHO network of cities striving toward sustainable development. Its aims are cities that are friendly to all ages, particularly older people. See also:

  1. the Age Friendly World website and the 8 different interconnected aspects of urban life which contribute to age-friendly communities;
  2. A guide to Global Age-friendly Cities, which discusses the synergistic effect of the 8 interconnected themes on active ageing.

Public Participation & Engagement

The UK Participation Compass provides lots of resources about all manner of public engagement. It provides a useful and informative list of available methods for public participation,  including ranges of financial costs typically associated withe each method. The Participation Compass is produced by Involve, a UK…

think tank and charity specialising in public participation. Our mission is to inspire, innovate and embed effective citizen engagement, so that members of the public are able to take and influence the decisions that affect their lives.

Online Mapping Services

ESRI‘s free online services. New accessible services Story Maps, here is a gallery of examples of what you can with them.

MapTube is free online service for ” viewing, sharing, mixing and mashing maps online. Created by UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, users can select any number of maps to overlay and view”.

Positive news

When the world is wearing you down (e.g. bad news on the mass media, personal difficulties, loss of motivation), straighten yourself and click Positive News for a magic potion of bright and inspiring news about ordinary people making the world a better place to live. Check their sections on Democracy, Innovation, or Sustainable Development, among many others.

On the virtues of blogging (& more)

Blogging can be therapeutic, it can help you to focus, be creative, connect the dots, and even rant about external conditions that you cannot control. It can also support every stage of your research process, be it a Phd or ad hoc project. Blogging your way to a Phd? is one of many valuable resources for researchers on the Thesis Whisperer

Alternative Citation Software

Your favourite citation software disappointed you lately? Here is AlternativeTo’s links to alternative citation software.

AlternativeTo is a new approach to finding good software. Tell us what application you want to replace and we give you great alternatives, based on user recommendations

Here is a more extensive list of alternative citation software, provided by eLearning Industry .

Check out also  other relevant open-source-everything at the bottom, including free photo editing tools. eLearning Industry has it all: tips to be a successful webinar host, tips for blended learning, etc., besides their links to free software.




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