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Toward Cyborg PPGIS

  Here it is, the first in a long-term series. “Toward Cyborg PPGIS: exploring socio-technical requirements for the use of web-based PPGIS in two municipal planning cases, Stockholm region, Sweden”, … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass…

… or why public engagement in cities should be about (more than) reflexion/reflection   Intriguing mirror ball… Is it really me I am seeing there? Read the blog post  @ … Continue reading

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Public engagement is not a game – or should be?

Note: blog under construction. But you get exclusive access to the teaser. Witnessing growing innovation in public engagement, including the use of online video games such as Minecraft (and its UN-Habitat … Continue reading

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Toward Inclusive Cities 3.0

This blog post was initially published on the Young Academics Blog of the AESOP network. Also:  @aesopYA @YAblog Is participatory planning about engaging everyone and making cities inclusive? Or about satisfying … Continue reading

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3D cities, urban decay and street art: different perspectives of modernity

On a trip to Valencia in May, it struck me how many contrasts I saw there, right in the middle of the old city. It was the starting point of … Continue reading

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Public participation in the 3rd Millenium

Here is the first blog post that I have had the opportunity and honour to post on the YA AESOP blog, the blog of the Young Academics section of the … Continue reading

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Malmö goes virtual + engaging

Malmö is an emblematic city, though few people outside of Sweden and Denmark know about the city. The rest of Europe (and Sweden) has a lot to learn from Malmö on … Continue reading

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What’s in a tool?

Just about anything under the sun can function as a tool, for someone, or for something. Your iPhone, communal washing machine, favourite social media, airplane to a sunny destination, or chopping … Continue reading

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Who owns the city? asks Saskia Sassen

In a Guardian article entitled “Who owns our cities – and why this urban takeover should concern us all”, dated Tuesday 24 November 2015, Saskia Sassen, renowned academic and Professor of Sociology … Continue reading

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Gone swimming in Berlin (in the Spree)

Berlin has been rated one of the world’s most sustainable cities by the design and asset management consultancy ARCADIS. Amongst other things, sustainability in Berlin means that residents will have … Continue reading

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