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Online mapping resources

Thanks to current htlml5 functionalities, there are loads of easy-to-use mapping applications around. Here is a short list that will grow with time, according to my experimentations. Note: this may … Continue reading

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Toward Cyborg PPGIS

  Here it is, the first in a long-term series. “Toward Cyborg PPGIS: exploring socio-technical requirements for the use of web-based PPGIS in two municipal planning cases, Stockholm region, Sweden”, … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass…

… or why public engagement in cities should be about (more than) reflexion/reflection   Intriguing mirror ball… Is it really me I am seeing there? Read the blog post  @ … Continue reading

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Public engagement is not a game – or should be?

Note: blog under construction. But you get exclusive access to the teaser. Witnessing growing innovation in public engagement, including the use of online video games such as Minecraft (and its UN-Habitat … Continue reading

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Toward Inclusive Cities 3.0

This blog post was initially published on the Young Academics Blog of the AESOP network. Also:  @aesopYA @YAblog Is participatory planning about engaging everyone and making cities inclusive? Or about satisfying … Continue reading

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3D cities, urban decay and street art: different perspectives of modernity

On a trip to Valencia in May, it struck me how many contrasts I saw there, right in the middle of the old city. It was the starting point of … Continue reading

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Public participation in the 3rd Millenium

Here is the first blog post that I have had the opportunity and honour to post on the YA AESOP blog, the blog of the Young Academics section of the … Continue reading

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Malmö goes virtual + engaging

Malmö is an emblematic city, though few people outside of Sweden and Denmark know about the city. The rest of Europe (and Sweden) has a lot to learn from Malmö on … Continue reading

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What’s in a tool?

Just about anything under the sun can function as a tool, for someone, or for something. Your iPhone, communal washing machine, favourite social media, airplane to a sunny destination, or chopping … Continue reading

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Who owns the city? asks Saskia Sassen

In a Guardian article entitled “Who owns our cities – and why this urban takeover should concern us all”, dated Tuesday 24 November 2015, Saskia Sassen, renowned academic and Professor of Sociology … Continue reading

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