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The virtues of blogging

Blog your way into your research project. In Blogging your way to a Phd? Calvin Ho writes about the value of blogging for Phd projects specifically but it is applicable to any kind of research projects. Check out also the great website that is the Thesis Whisperer, if you haven’t already come across it. Lots of reflective material and support for going through a research process and sharing it with the world.

“La vie en rose” (before colours turn black)”

Sometimes our world might appear surprisingly bleak. Without you wanting to paint it black as once famously sung by Mick Jagger, the compounded effects of mass media, observed tragedies,  or personal difficulties can sometimes make it difficult to move on happily with your life. Find the remedies!

A great source of inspiration is Positive News. Positive news are counter-media to the usual flow of important yet also somewhat biased information on life on our small, precious, and non-disposable blue planet. When your world or the world around seems to turn black, drink from the magic potion and start seeing “la vie en rose” again. See their rich articles about Democracy, practical Sustainable Development solutions, social and ecological Innovation, among many many other topics.

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